Lunch Recipes

Instead of the usual sandwich or frozen meal for lunch, try one of these delicious recipes. These lean lunches can help you eat your recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables every day — and they taste great, too.

Champions for Change favorites:

Spud Stuffers, Vegetable Quesadillas, Zesty Asian Chicken Salad

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Apple Turkey Gyro
(PDF 164KB)

Avocado Garden Salad
(PDF 184KB)


Cactus Salad
(PDF 180KB)

(PDF 168KB)

Chicken Tortas
(PDF 180KB)

Creole Green Beans
(PDF 308KB)

Crispy Taquitos
(PDF 164KB)


Herbed Potato Salad
(PDF 168KB)


Meatball Soup
(PDF 176KB)

Melon Cooler
(PDF 168KB)

Mexican Rice
(PDF 172KB)


Rainbow Coleslaw
(PDF 297KB)

Refried Beans
(PDF 163KB)


Simmered Beans
(PDF 164KB)

Spud Stuffers
(PDF 200KB)

Super Salad Stuffers
(PDF 320KB)


Tuna Apple Salad
(PDF 172KB)

Two Bean Corn Salad
(PDF 317KB)


Vegetable Quesadillas
(PDF 180KB)

Veggie Bean Wrap
(PDF 180KB)


Download Free Support Materials

Want more kid-friendly or ethnic recipes?

Download these free recipe books courtesy of the Network for a Healthy California.

Helpful Hints

  • Plan ahead. Make a shopping list of recipe ingredients before you go to the store.
  • Make a goal to include at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal and snack.
  • Offer new fruits and vegetables several times. Prepare them in different ways (raw vs. cooked, chopped vs. whole) to find the way your child likes them best.
  • Get cooking with your kids. It saves time and can be fun for all.