Be A Champion

Healthy eating and active living are starting to happen in families and communities everywhere. And Champions for Change are the reason why.

What is Champions for Change?

Champions for Change are people — just like you — who are using their power to help their families prevent serious health problems. These health problems include obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and certain types of cancer.

Champions for Change are people who are committed to helping their families eat more fruits and vegetables and be more physically active. They are also involved in making healthy changes in their neighborhoods.

You are not alone.

The Network for a Healthy California (Network) is here to help you be a champion. Meet the Network Champion Moms and learn more on how to become a champion for your health, your family, and your neighborhood.

You make it happen.

People everywhere are making healthy changes. Making changes in diet and exercise is not easy. But by taking one step at a time, you can make lasting changes to improve your health.

Helpful Hints

  • Know that every neighborhood deserves to have clean, safe places to get good quality, low-cost fruits and vegetables and be physically active.
  • Meet with community leaders and city officials to discuss healthy changes.
  • Join the parent group at your child's school. Talk about the problems you see and make solutions.